Random Thoughts About Life In Malta

Thanks for visiting this page of mine. It is just going to be a place for me to write some random thoughts and things and express myself. For now, I cannot decide whether it will be many posts or one big long rambling page. If it is to reflect the author, then it will be a long rambling page about all sorts of topics!

I’m based in Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea, to the south of Sicily. I enjoy being involved in business and working and I also like sports and photography. That being the case, here is a photo I took recently in Malta…

Dingli cliffs

It is a location in the south of the island called Dingli Cliffs. They are quite beautiful with amazing views at any time over the open sea and of the island of Fifla.

There are a few topics that capture my imagination and mind more than most. How people do business is one of these – i have some marketing experience and seeing how the world operates and communicates professionally is amazing.

Involved in this – how people do business – is what makes them successful. It is clear that some people achieve and retain success in ways that many others do not. My belief is that this comes in (large) part down to their mindset. They know and believe things that the rest of us do not.

In terms of improving mindset, I have heard great reports about a hypnotherapist based in Malta. Her name is Deborah and though she spends a lot of time in Malta, she splits her time with London. You can read more about her gift and the topic in general on this website.

One such topic that has gripped the Maltese throughout 2014 is the Malta citizenship by investment scheme. Somehow, the government keeps doing it’s best to take the money of wealthy people from around the world whilst seeking an almost never ending list of other more noble reasons for doing so. It has all become a bit of a PR disaster – which is quite common in Malta to be honest.

I think that lots of Maltese dislike the passport scheme and the way it was dropped on the country. In time, it may well prove to be a huge success, but until then, there are lots more difficult press conferences for the Prime Minister to attend!

All of this involves bringing people into the country. Tourism is a huge part of the economy and I have many friends that work in the sector. One of the better hotels I know of is in Sliema. It is a three star in a very good location, so the price is quite acceptable, but the positioning and service are both very good.

Another topic that has gripped the Maltese in 2014 – especially those in Sliema, St Julian’s and Swieqi – is that of the rising crime rate. Malta is a very safe country, but there has been something of a crime wave by our standards as the number of burglaries has shot upwards.

There are all sorts of theories as to why and who is behind it. Needless to say, many of those theories relate to foreigners, which may or may not be true. What has become clear though is that many of us Maltese are becoming more security minded and are improving our home security, using companies like this one. I have done this in my apartment and I know many others that have as well.

Another subject that I love is sport. I prefer football, though if I am honest I could watch paint dry if the commentary was good enough!

As a hardened football fan, I mostly follow the Italian Serie A and English Premier League (as most Maltese do). This love of multiple leagues has made playing the cool new fantasy football game, Oulala, a lot of fun. I can choose a new team each week and players from any one of the top five leagues in Europe. It is awesome and super addictive. If you like European football, you ought to love this game!